LEAD SEA-Who we are

Genesis of LEAD:

LEAD Southern and Eastern Africa is one of the 13 member programmes). LEAD SEA was launched in 1994 in Harare (Zimbabwe) by the Vice President of Zimbabwe Comrade Muzenda. Malawi was represented at that launch by Honourable Alhaj Itimu, as Minister of Lands. There were six pioneering countries (Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe) but LEAD SEA has since grown to cover all the countries in Southern and Eastern Africa. LEAD SEA was registered as DELSA trust in Zimbabwe, to differentiate it from LEAD International which had been registered in the state of New Hampshire in USA to coordinate the global network. In 2001, the secretariat for LEAD SEA relocated to Zambia following a board resolution. The secretariat was registered with the Registrar of societies in Lusaka as LEAD SEA made possible because of a collaborative agreement the defined the member programmes as legally independent from each other and LEAD International. In 2004, following another board resolution the LEAD-SEA secretariat was relocated to Zomba Malawi and was affiliated to the Faculty of Science, Chancellor College through a senate of University of Malawi resolution.

As part of institutional growth and re branding, LEAD SEA is now registered as a National entity called LEAD ‘Malawi’, to focus on its expanded role of implementing national Research and Development Sustainable Development projects and programmes. The LEAD SEA entity established and registered in South Africa will now coordinate regional and international training following the traditional fellow’s path.   The LEAD SEA board has resolved that the LEAD should be registered in the participating countries as national entities and that a collaborative agreement will be signed among the legally independent national entities... This Strategic Plan has been written for LEAD Malawi  but can be adapted by other LEAD SEA national chapters