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Associate Prof. Jimmy NAMANGALE

March 06, 2017 17:24

Associate Prof. Jimmy NAMANGALE Malawi  

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Legal Notices

March 12, 2017 16:49

Information Liability LEAD SEA makes every possible effort to ensure that the information published on its website is accurate and up to date, but does not accept any responsibility for errors or o...

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March 12, 2017 16:52

Currently there are no open positions, please visit later. Thanks.

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Community Training

March 12, 2017 16:53

LEAD SEA recognises that bottom of the pyramid work is essential for sustainable development. During the delivery of donor-funded programmes and projects. LEAD has built capacity in communities acr...

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Staff Members

March 12, 2017 16:54

Prof. Sosten Staphiel CHIOTHA, LEAD SEA Regional Programme Director BEd.(Unima), MSc. Medical Parasitology (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine), PhD Environmental Science (Universi...

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Legal and financial documents

March 12, 2017 16:56

We will add downloadable documents here for the public.

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PED Training

March 12, 2017 16:57

Details of PED training here

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Public Private Sector Training

March 12, 2017 16:58

Details of training here

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Fellows Training Programme

March 12, 2017 17:06

The LEAD Fellows Training Programme is a set of highly experiential and participatory joined-up training courses to develop the knowledge, skills and personal awareness of participants to further ...

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Upcoming Events

March 12, 2017 17:09

List of upcoming events with links to event details.