University of Zambia  


Tamala Tonga KAMBIKAMBI is an agronomist in the School of Agricultural Sciences in the University of Zambia. Her main research areas include sustainable agriculture for rural development and wealth creation, and gender issues in science and technology.

Tamala strongly believes in the power of science and technology as a vehicle for development. She helped found the Zambia Association for Women in Science and Technology and is also a full member of the Third World Organization for Women in Science.

Previously, she worked as an extension officer with a private seed company where she worked with both small and large scale farmers in both the rural and peri-urban areas of Zambia, gaining invaluable experience in rural extension and development, and poverty alleviation.

Tamala has supported in the development of a number of environmental policies and plans for the Government of Zambia, for example the National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan, and the Biosafety Policy. She also sits on the National Committee of the Southern African Biodiversity Support Programme.