What we do

Our Mission:

To promote leadership and strengthen ecological and social resilience of ecosystems and communities to the impacts of natural and human induced shocks in Malawi and beyond

Our Vision  

To be a leading center promoting leadership in environment and natural resource management for sustainable development in Malawi and beyond

Core Values

In delivering our mission, LEAD will operate according to the following values and principles reflective of LEAD international`s core values:

  • A sense of urgency. Humanity is on an unsustainable path, and rapid change is essential to achieve sustainability.
  • Recognition that leadership can take place at many levels, and that everyone has a potential leadership role to play.
  • Belief in a cross-sectoral, cross-cultural collaborative approach
  • Mutual respect of different perspectives, cultures and backgrounds.
  • The importance of inspiring and mentoring others.
  • A belief that sustainable development is desirable as well as achievable.
  • A commitment to social justice and equity, which together with environmental responsibility and economic progress, are at the heart of sustainable development.

The mission, vision and core values are realized through various action research projects, capacity building in environment, natural resource management and climate change and development projects such as the famous Lake Chilwa Basin Climate Change Adaptation Programme