National Chiefs Forum

LEAD spearheaded Malawi's inaugural National Chief’s Forum on August 30th-31st, 2023, uniting 550 stakeholders including government officials, civil society, and traditional leaders. The forum's focus on sustainable resource management led to a historic Call to Action, signed by President Chakwera and traditional leaders, promising a greener future for Malawi.
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    March 21, 2023

Historic Forum Marks Landmark Commitment to Sustainable Agriculture in Malawi

In a significant milestone for Malawi's natural resources management and agricultural sustainability efforts, LEAD played a pivotal role in organizing the inaugural National Chief’s Forum. This landmark event, held on 30 th and 31 st August 2023, brought together a diverse array of stakeholders committed to fostering a greener and more sustainable future for the nation.
With a remarkable turnout of 550 attendees, the forum served as a platform uniting key figures in government, civil society, and traditional leadership from all corners of Malawi and abroad. Among the distinguished guests were government ministers, directors of various departments, civil society leaders, and esteemed Senior Chiefs and Traditional Authorities representing each of Malawi's 28 districts.
The overarching aim of the forum was to catalyze a collective commitment towards responsible natural resources management and a smooth transition to sustainable agricultural practices across the nation. It was here that a historic Call to Action emerged, embodying the shared vision and commitment of all participants.
Central to this transformative moment was the solemn signing of the Call to Action, symbolizing a groundbreaking agreement between Malawi's government and its revered traditional leaders. The honor of signing on behalf of the government was bestowed upon His Excellency, Dr. Lazarus Mac Cathy Chakwera, the esteemed President of the Republic of Malawi.
The signing ceremony was not merely symbolic; it represented a tangible pledge by the assembled chiefs to become steadfast stewards of Malawi's natural wealth. This commitment, enshrined in the document, promises a concerted effort to protect and sustainably manage the country's precious natural resources for generations to come.
LEAD's leadership and collaborative spirit were instrumental in making this extraordinary gathering a resounding success.

Project Outcomes

Enhanced Collaboration

The project facilitated collaboration among government, civil society, and traditional leaders for sustainable development.

Collective Commitment

Participants pledged to responsibly manage natural resources, ensuring their preservation for future generations.

Institutional Cooperation

The agreement between government and traditional leaders fosters a unified approach to environmental stewardship.

Sustainable Agriculture

The forum promoted transitioning to sustainable agricultural practices, ensuring long-term food security and environmental health.