LEAD Southern & Eastern Africa.

Community Training

LEAD SEA recognises that bottom of the pyramid work is essential for sustainable development. During the delivery of donor-funded programmes and projects.

LEAD has built capacity in communities across the region, increasing understanding of social and environmental issues and providing practical training to improve lives. Some of the issues covered include climate change, girls' education and natural resource management. Practical techniques promoted include conservation agriculture (e.g. mulching) and citizen journalism (e.g. interviewing technique).

LEAD takes a specific and differentiated approach to community training where there are differences in social structures and customs to those found in a government office or corporate boardroom. We use a participatory methodology to deliver our community training. This often includes group work, themed songs and drama / role plays in a village setting. This approach allows communities to relate to the content of the training and builds a common understanding of, and interest in, the issues being discussed.